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PPC series air box pulse bag dust collector

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Product introduction
PPC series air box pulse bag filter, which my company bring in the advanced level of high efficiency. It combines the advantage of chamber blow and injection pulse soot cleaning of all kinds of bag filter, and overcomes the disadvantage of the chamber blow soot cleaning insufficient strength, and the injection pulse ash removal and filtering simultaneously, thus expands the application range of bag filter. Due to the structure has the characteristics of this type of filter, so it improves the efficiency of dust, prolong the service life of filter bag. 
PPC air box pulse bag filter series can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, power, materials building, machinery manufacturing, food processing, chemical industry, boiler, cement crushing, packaging, library, clinker cooling machine and all kinds of grinding machine, etc. When it used in the coal mill dust, flameproof explosion-proof measures should be added.


Technical Features
1. It has high efficiency in dust removal, especially for micro dust with a higher dust removal efficiency.
2. The way of using chamber took turns to cleaning soot is the so-called offline ash removal, when a room is into the blowing dust, filter air flow is cut off to avoid blowing dust producing the secondary dust float in the sky, , it improves the effect and extended the service life of the filter bag.
3. It can capture different nature of the dust with the strong adaptability. For example, for high resistance dust, the bag filter is superior to all electrostatic precipitator. In addition, when the entrance dust concentration changes in the considerable scope,it has little effect on the dust removal efficiency and the resistance.
4. It can be used flexible, and dealing with air volume can be made of hundreds of cubic meters to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour ,it can be directly installed on the interior, machine nearby small unit, also can be large filter chamber.
5. Equipment adopts gas box type structure to reduce the part resistance loss of equipment, and avoid the problem of being not convenient to install the filter bag.
6. The electromagnetic pulse valve adopts double diaphragm structure, has the advantages of sensitivity control, high efficiency, long service life, etc.
7. Simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance operation.


 PPC series air box pulse bag dust collector

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