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Electrostatic-bag composite dust collector

  • Type:Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
  • Applications:
  • Description: high efficiency, low emissions and energy saving


The principle of electric-bag composite dust collector
The dusty flue gas in the electrical area to be removed most of the dust and large particles of dust, and then let the charged dust into filter bag area to further remove the tiny dust. It can effectively reduce the bag of the load and resistance, to achieve the goal of high efficiency, low emissions and energy saving.
The flowchart of electric-bag composite dust collector
Electrostatic-bag composite dust collector


The technical feature of electric-bag composite dust collector
1.       It isn’t affected by fine dust ratio resistance, coal type, ash properties, high dust efficiency and long-term stability. The dust emission concentration <30mg/Nm3.
2.       The running resistance is about 30% lower than the pure bag type dust collector, which can reduce the induced draft fan power consumption.
3.       Adopt the reasonable arrangement way - electrical first and then filter bag. The ESP to remove most of the dust and the large particles of dust. The entry of the filter bag dust concentration greatly reduced, which can reduce the mechanical wear of filter bag, save the energy consumption of soot, decrease soot cleaning air, can prolong the service life and the filter bag.
4.       After the flue gas dust through the former electric field corona charged, the charged dust between deposition of particles on the filter bag is arranged orderly rules, Homopolar charges repel each other the formation of the dust layer high porosity and permeability is good, easy to peeling off. To further reduce the resistance of bag operation.
5.       Within the electrostatic precipitator seal head adopts choke unique air distribution technology combined with a diversion, To ensure the evenness of the flue gas flow with electric field.
6.       The bag dust collector adopts the way of centre parting side inlet air form the side, which can effectively eliminate the dust phenomenon of “secondary adsorption”.
7.       One-time investment less, and the run maintenance cost is low.



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