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Electrostatic precipitator

  • Type:Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
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Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)
Product information
Electrostatic precipitator is a highly efficient dust removal equipment, its working principle is to use under the condition of high voltage electrostatic field of the air ionization, charged ions adsorption by dust particles after the dust particle charged, charged ions in the role of the electric field force down to Yin and Yang are attached to the anode pole and then make through shaking or other means of soot dust fall into ash hopper and is collected, the dust removal efficiency can reach 99.9%. 



The structure characteristics
(1) The dust removal efficiency is high, up to 99.9%;
(2) The resistance of equipment, generally no more than 300 pa;
(3) Less equipment maintenance;
(4) Suitable for great smoky gas dust removal; 
(1) One-time investment is higher;
(2) The operation and maintenance personnel training must rear can mount guard operation.
Two ash removal measures of electric dust collector
1. Under normal circumstances, the electric dust catcher of the electric field (including the Yin and anode) used to gather dust, vibrating system (anode and cathode oscillation) is used to clear the dust on the cathode and anode, electric dust collector can normal operation is the key to soot cleaning effect.
2. Under the following conditions will lead to increase in the number of deposited electrode electrostatic precipitator:
(1)soot chemical composition effects, such as high temperature smoke contains potassium, sodium, cathode tip will generate a hard shell, conventional vibrating system cannot clean;
(2) large flue gas humidity or condensation;
(3) the esp start-up, shut down frequently;
(4) high temperature furnaces soot particle size in 0.1 to 10 microns inch strong adhesive.
When the above occurs, completely on vibrating ash removal system is not enough, must be assisted by other soot cleaning measures to guarantee is temperamental predominance grey, or shortly after he run in electrostatic precipitators efficiency drops rapidly.



Electrostatic precipitator
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