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Ammonia Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)

  • Type:Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system
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 Ammonia Desulphurization ProcessPrinciple:
1)Ammonia flue gasdesulfurization unit of this project is using ammonia as an absorbent, andsulfur dioxide in flue gas to react quickly to produce the ammonium sulfite,flue gas after secondary dehydration fog off the upper by desulfurization towerstraight row of chimneys.
2)Join the ammonia in thedesulfurization desulfurization tower (the project with more than 8%concentration of ammonia). With sulfur dioxide in flue gas after the reactionmass and heat transfer, the ammonium salt. And then achieve the goal oftreatment of sulfur dioxide.
NH3 + H2O== NH4OH
2NH3 + H2O+ SO2 == (NH4)2SO3 + heat
(NH4)2SO3+ O2 == (NH4)SO4
The chemical reaction is finished in 0.2 seconds, so thesize of the desulfurization tower is small, and the desulfurization efficiencycan be adjusted to more than 95%. The above reaction can adjust theconcentration of ammonia in the flue gas, so as to achieve the requireddesulfurization efficiency.
3)Nitrogen oxide (NO2, NO) in flue gas can be removed byammonia containing wastewater, and NO can be oxidized to NO2 in the flue gas,and NO2 can easily be dissolved in water to become ammonium nitrate and nitricacid.
NH3 + NO + NO2+ H2O == HNO3 + HNO2
When ammonia contacts with HNO3 or HNO2, the respond asfollows:
NH3 + HNO3== NH4NO3 + H2O
NH3 + HNO2== NH4NO2 + H2O
In the liquid phase, (NH4)2SO3 as reductant and nitrogen oxides generates nitrogenfor chemical reaction:
2NO2 + 4(NH4)2SO3== 4(NH4)2SO4 + N2
NO2 + (NH4)2SO3== (NH4)2SO4 + NO↑
2NO+ 2(NH4)2SO3 == 2(NH4)2SO4 + N2



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