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UV Photolysis oxidation purifier

  • Type:Waste gas treatment
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Working principle:

This product uses high-energy UV ultraviolet beamirradiation malodorous gases, odorous substances in an instant cleavagemolecules and oxygen molecules in the air, produce oxygen free, because freeoxygen carrying positive and negative imbalances, which should combine withoxygen molecules, and produce ozone, through energy UV and ozone photolysismalodorous gases collaborate oxidation, so that the degradation of odorousgases converted into low molecular weight compounds, water and carbon dioxide,and then discharged through the exhaust pipe system.


 Product feature:

Efficient UV photolysis oxidation equipment are speciallydesigned for the high concentration of malodorous gases and industrial wastegas purification techniques developed products with international advancedlevel, the product is mainly composed of gas collection system, gaspretreatment system, photolysis oxidation system, automatic control system.Through the automatic control system for the exhaust gas temperature, humidity,concentration, composition and other settings or sensor monitoring, and thenautomatically adjust the parameters of the photolysis oxidation system toconserve power and extend the life of the core components, but also to achievethe best treatment effect.
Overview of core equipmentperformance characteristics:
1.      Effectively eliminating odor: efficient removal of volatile organiccompounds (VOC), inorganic, H2S, NH3,thiols, other major pollutants and avariety of odor, removal deodorization efficiency can reach as high as morethan 99%, desulfurization effect greatly exceeds China promulgated in 1993odorous pollutants emission standards(GB14554-93).
2.      Without adding any material:only need equipmentcorresponding exhaust pipe and exhaust the power, the stench gas bypurification equipment for deodorization decomposition, without adding any materialinvolved in chemical reactions.
3.      Strong adaptability:can adapt to the high concentration, bigvolume, different deodorizations and purifications of odor substances, canwork 24 hours a day continuously with stable and reliable operation.
4.      Low operating costs: this equipment is without any mechanical action, no noise,no need for personnel management and daily maintenance, only for regularinspection. This equipment is with low energy consumption, equipment windresistance is extremely low(<50 pa), it can save a lot of wind power energyconsumption.
5.      Equipment with light weight covers a small area: it's suitable for compactlayouts, small venues and other special conditions.
6.      High quality imported materials: with high fire prevention andanti-corrosion performance, stable performance and long service life.
7.      Malodorous gases without the need for special pre-treatment, such as it can work normallyin heating, humidification and other equipment working temperature between -30 ℃ and95 ℃, humidity at 30% -97%, PH values between 3and 11.But if there is a lot of gas vapor or dust, it must be carried out in additionto water or dust removal treatment, otherwise it will affect the purificationeffect, reducing the life of the UV ultraviolet lamp, increasing operatingcosts.
8.      Environmental protection high-tech products: using the most advancedtechnology concept, developed the high-tech environmental purification product,can completely decompose toxic and hazardous substances in malodorous gases,and can achieve the perfect deodorizing effect. Malodorous gases through decompositioncan be completely achieve to sound emissions, no secondary pollution, whileachieving effective disinfection and sterilization effect.


Technicalparameters: Processingcapability and power design for one set
Air volume:  500m3/h-60000m3/h
Rated power range:  1.2kw-28.8kw/220v-380v
Rated wind resistance:  <50pa
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