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  • Lime(Limestone) – FGD gypsum

    Lime(Limestone) – FGD gypsum

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    Lime/limestone – FGD gypsum is the basicprinciple of using lime and limestone slurry to absorb the SO2 in flue gas, reaction calciumsulfite, then put the oxidation of calcium sulfite to calcium sulfate. The by-product gypsum can abandon alsocan be recycle

  • Dual alkali FGD

    Dual alkali FGD

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    Dual alkali FGD is a process of adopting sodium baseddesulfurizer to desulfurizationin the tower, after desulfurization result reduction regenerationby Ca (OH) 2, regeneratethe absorbent can recycle. Due tostrong alkaline sodium based desulfurizer,

  • Ammonia FGD

    Ammonia FGD

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    The ammonia flue gasdesulfurization has many benefits, such as high-efficiency of desulfurization,low-energy consumption, steady operation, and without secondary pollution; atthe same time, its by-product, ammonium sulfate, satisfying the standard ofagroc

  • Flue Gas Desulfurization

    Flue Gas Desulfurization

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    We could supply manytypes of FGD technology such as: 1. Lime(limestone)-FGD gypsum 2CaCO3+H2O+2SO2=2CaSO3*1/2 H2O+ 2CO2 2CaSO3*1/2H2O+O2+3H2O=2CaSO4*2H2O Maturetechnology, the largest stand-alone capacity of more than 1000mwDesulfurizationefficiency>

  • Wet flue gas desulfurization

    Wet flue gas desulfurization

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    Recently, air pollution legislations suchas the Clean Air Act to reduce the amount of air pollution are increasingworldwide. The Clean Air Act address numerous air quality problems. One ofthese problems is acid rain caused by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen o

  • High Ammonia Flue Gas Desulfurization Process

    High Ammonia Flue Gas Desulfurization Process

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    Ammoniadesulphurization technology on the basis of NH3 and SO2 reaction, In themulti-function flue gas desulfurization absorption tower, Ammonia to absorb theSO2 in flue gas bydesulfurization intermediate products (hydrogen) ammonium bisulfite solution,Se

  • Patent device description

    Patent device description

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    The integration of multi-functiondesulfurization absorption tower
    The integration of multi-function desulfurization absorptiontower is the core of the desulfurization system patent equipment, which set theflue gas absorption, oxidation, enrichment crysta

  • The advantages of ammonia desulphurization

    The advantages of ammonia desulphurization

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    1. Reliable ammonia escape and aerosol control technologyIt solves the problem ammonia loss and aerosols. ammonia escape ≤5mg/Nm3, avoid secondary pollution. ammonia recovery ≧98%, Trulygreen circular economy. 2. Rich engineering experience, adva

  • Ammonia FGD Technology Development

    Ammonia FGD Technology Development

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    Ourcompany started to develop ammonia desulphurizationtechnology from Aug. 1998. Innovative breakthrough original technology at homeand abroad, successfully solved the ammonia escape and aerosol technicalproblem. So far we have already had four generation

  • All kinds of ammonia desulphurization agent features

    All kinds of ammonia desulphurization agent features

    ( Feb 07, 2017 )

    All kinds of ammonia desulphurization agent features

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