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Blast furnace gas dry pulse bag dust collector

  • Type:Bag Dust collector
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Blast furnace gas pulse bag filter using low pressure pulse ash removal technology, is a kind of dry blast furnace gas purification equipment. Main components: filtration system, pulse ash removal system, boxes, automatic control system, etc.


1.  Adopt small diameter filter bag, filter bag specifications phi 120 x 6000mm, filter bag has a big open space, reduces the air currents to rise speed, improve the processing capacity of the equipment.
2.  Adopt the long bag low pressure pulse ash removal technology, improve the efficiency of dust removal of the filter, gas purification after the dust content of less than 50 mg/m3.
3.  The operation condition of the filter bag can work for a long time in 260 ℃, short term of up to 280 ℃.
4.  Cylinder type cylinder and intermediate hopper pressure 0.25 MPa, explosion venting valve is designed, to ensure safe operation.
5.  Key components of pulse valve, injection times > 1 million times, casing leak detection alarm, responsive, reliable and ash hopper design material level meter, accurate determination of material level.
6.  Cleaning air source of dust collector adopt low pressure nitrogen injection system, no dust, no water, and small gas consumption.
7.  The automatic control system adopt PLC control, reliable operation, minimal maintenance.


 Blast furnace gas dry pulse bag dust collector

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