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SX-G-II Desulfurization Tower

  • Type:Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system
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Product introduction
Alkaline wet flue gas desulfurization dust removal technology, using in coal-fired boiler, furnace, smelting, casting and other governance, flue gas desulfurization technology is mature, reliable and it has convenient installation, maintenance, operation and management, with low operating cost, and high desulfurization efficiency.
Working principle:
Alkaline wet desulphurization device is to use the spray, self-excited boiling, gasification absorption, spray, sieve plate absorption, dehydration, out of the body, it is accomplished in three process desulfurization equipment. Due to the self-excited boiling, the equipment gathered in the tower height of absorbing liquid atomization, forming an effective capture and absorption of the foam liquid fog layer, the using of liquid, gas and solid phase mass transfer was optimized, wet liquid adhesive, stranding, collision, double membrane theory such as the purification mechanism of absorption are better play, has good effect on soot and SO2 in flue gas purification.


 Main advantages:

1. High desulfurization efficiency can reach more than 95%
2. Using limestone as absorbent, it's cheap and easy to get rich in natural resources, with a high utilization; also can use industrial base as absorbent.
3. Mature technology, high reliability of equipment operation, good adaptability to coal, especially suitable for high sulfur coal.
4. Compact equipment design, small land area, using advanced technology and dehydration technology to prevent a fan with water, apply to any of the sulfur coal flue gas desulfurization.
5. Strong adaptability of furnace load change, suitable for all kinds of desulfurization and reconstruction project of coal-fired facilities, the equipment is easy to operate, stable running, is one of preferred device of the boiler, furnace, smelting, casting and other equipment for flue gas desulfurization. 


 SX-G-II Desulfurization Tower

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