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HMC single pulse bag dust collector

  • Type:Bag Dust collector
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Product introduction:
HMC type single pulse bag filter is my company digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign similar product advantage, after improving the design of small bag filter, filter using pulse blowing dust, soot cleaning effect is good, high purification efficiency, parameters of large and long life of filter pocket, the advantages of small maintenance workload, safe and reliable operation. It’s widely used in metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, mines and other industrial and mining enterprises of fibrous dust purification of industrial dust and material recycling.


1. Using pulse injection way of ash removal, with good soot cleaning effect, high purification efficiency;
2. Process air volume is big, filter bag long life, small maintenance workload;
3. Electric automatic control, simple operation, reliable performance;
4. The filter bag easy tear open outfit, good sealing.
5. Cover an area of an area small, low investment, good effect.


 HMC single pulse bag dust collector

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