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LCDM long bag low pressure pulse bag dust collector

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Product introduction
Long bag low pressure pulse filter is based on common rules of short pulse bag filter developed a kind of new type, high efficiency bag filter. This series bag filter, the collection chamber fan blow and pulse injection, and many other advantages of dust collector, and lengthen the filter bag, give full play to the compressed air power blowing ash removal effect. Overcome the chamber blow soot cleaning strength is low, soot and dust filter pulse injection disadvantages at the same time, prevent the dust adsorption and out of control again, so as to improve the filtering speed, save the energy consumption of soot and prolong the service life of filter bag. By programmable controller of exhaust valve and pulse valve, discharge valve for automatic control, etc. 


The technical characteristics
1. Parameters of large
Suitable for all kinds of flue gas dust properties, maximum capacity can reach 110×104m3/h.
2. High efficiency of dust collection
To purify dust concentration < 50 g/N m3 of gas and dust removal efficiency can reach 99.5 99.9%.
3. Good soot cleaning effect
Injection device components have good aerodynamic characteristics; When the injection pressure is 0.20 to 0.25 MPa, to purify high dust concentration and moisture content of gas, there is still a very good soot cleaning effect.
4. Small area covering
Filter bag length is 6m, filtration velocity can select between 1-1.5 m/min, cover an area of an area smaller than conventional pulse bag filter and reverse blowing.
5. Advanced control technology
Electric control system adopts advanced PLC, with on-line ash removal, offline ash removal, constant pressure difference dust cleaning, regular soot cleaning four kinds of optional function, and has the pressure, temperature detection system and manual control mode. High reliability, long service life and it’s convenient for site adjustment.
6. Convenient operation and maintenance
The filter bag mouth of elastic ring, can be directly embedded in the flower plate, seal and tear open outfit is convenient, improve the labor intensity of the operators.


 LCDM long bag low pressure pulse bag dust collector

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