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SX-G-D Wet Efficient Desulfurization Dust Removal Device

  • Type:Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system
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Products introduction   
SX/G - D series wet efficient desulfurization dust removal device is with the advantages of various dusting equipment based on years of practical experience in order to meet the higher requirements of environmental protection and the latest research and development of high-tech products. The device has a complete integration function on flue gas desulfurization dust removal at the same time. The flue gas of coal-fired facilities has good desulfurization dust removal effect, which can not only improve the efficiency of dust, but effective control of the sulfur emissions, So it completely meet the national discharge standards. The actual operation proves that the dusting effect is good, high desulfurization efficiency, installation, maintenance, operation, convenient management, low operating cost. Therefore, it is the first choice for the current flue gas dust removal desulfurization equipment. 
The working principle
SX/G - D series wet efficient desulfurization dust removal device is adopted pressure type three-stage dust removal desulfurization and terminal dehydration principle, using water (alkali absorption liquid) as medium, the harmful material such as dust and SO2 gas in the flue gas with water (alkaline absorbing liquid) a good contact with step by step, forming an effective capture and absorption liquid fog layer, through the solid, liquid, gas mass transfer reaction, soot and SO2 from the flue gas to remove. Its working principle is dust, flue gas sulfur first through the flow channel, and the nozzle, alkaline liquid (such as lime) in fog water droplets, dust particles in flue gas after a fierce collision contact with atomized water, in the water flow under the action of impact, a large amount of alkali solution splash, form effective gas washing purification process, in the process of movement, the dust gas of SO2 with alkali reaction, neutralization into neutral substances, SO2 and dust is effectively capture, purge gas after dehydration unit to remove water mist, through the chimney into the atmosphere.


 Technical characteristics

1. Equipment made of high quality carbon steel and high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistant material; Using stainless acid-resistant steel spray device, the terminal is equipped with vortex dehydrator, good structural performance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high dehydration anti-aging performance, long service life.
2. Equipment cover an area of an area small, the use of simple operation, easy installation and maintenance, stable operation, low operation cost.
3. Equipment has the function of integration of sulfur removal liquid gas contact surface area is big, high sulfur removal efficiency (above 95%).
4. Can make full use of alkaline waste water or slag water industry, boiler sewage wastewater for sulfur removal absorbent, not only save energy, and no secondary pollution, conform to the requirements of the construction of "two type society" and environmental protection.
5. Equipment operation process is simple, high efficiency, installation simple and easy to operate, quick construction cycle, can meet the requirements of environmental protection construction as soon as possible.


 SX-G-D Wet Efficient Desulfurization Dust Removal Device

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