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Welding fume extractor

  • Type:Waste gas treatment
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Products introduction
Portable welding fume purifier for welding, polishing, cutting, produce smoke and dust purification processes as well as grinding and other rare metals, recovery of valuable materials, etc., can be suspended in the air purification lot of harmful the small metal particles. With high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible, small footprint and so on.
Widely application  
Use for purificationof the smoke and dust during the welding, polishing, cutting, grinding processand the recycling of rare metals and precious material, can purify largeamounts of suspended small metallic particles in the air.


 Facility Characteristics 

1)  It is equippedwith ABB turbo fan and motor imported from Germanyand America,with overload prevention circle to avoid motor damage. It is of steadyperformance. 
2)  It isequipped with built-in centralized PLC controlling system. The operation panelis clear and simple, very easy to operate. 
3) Pulsingback-flushing automatic dust-removal system: The filter core is the automaticrotating and back-flushing type, which keeps the filter core surface clean whenworking, to insure the stable blowing rate; the air compressor parts areconnected with high pressure rubber pipe with high pressure air-inflow in thebottom, which insure the facility always in good working condition.
4) The filter coreis imported from Americawith long useful life. It can arrest the 0.3μm particles. The filtering effectis good for all kinds of particles including the wet particles.
 5) It isequipped with the all-directions sucking arm of 360 degree rotating. It cansuck the fume exactly from the source which make best of the fume collectionefficiency, and insure the workers’ health in the largest extent. 
6) It is equippedwith three layer filter system to avoid the damage effect of flame and largeslag particles, which extend the useful life, safer and more reliable. 
7) Clean airuniform guidance and dispersed from the grille outlet, to keep the noiseminimum.
8) It is attachedwith all-direction caster wheels, which makes the facility movable freely andeasy to position.
9) Photoelectriccontrolled on/off, energy saving and high efficiency. The hood has the lightingdevice which is upon customer’s choice. 
10) The partsworking condition are all stable and have long useful life, meantime easy to bereplaced. 


The structure and composition 

The main components include: universal suction arm, high temperature vacuum hose, dust cover (with airflow valve), Fire resistance, flame retardant efficiency filter, clean room, activated carbon filters, heavy ash drawer combination, blocking fuel absorbing cotton, heavyduty rubber with brake casters, fans, motors, and electric control importboxes.

Welding fume extractor


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