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XP type cyclone dust collector

  • Type:Cyclone dust collector
  • Applications:
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XP-type cyclone dust collector is one of the widely application equipment, it is mainly used for general industrial ventilation and dust, industrial emissions in material recovery, not suited for bonding of dust. Depending on the gas rotation, divided into S-type (right-handed) and N (L) in two, the user can select the actual situation.


Performance and features
Cyclone dust collector can capture more than 5μm particle size of dust, allowing maximum inlet dust concentration of 1000g / m3, the maximum temperature of 450 ℃, import air speed 15-25m / s, the resistance loss 588-1960pa, dust removal efficiency of 50% - 90%, it has a simple structure, easy to install, easy to manage and maintain, low cost and operating cost, small footprint, which is widely used in various industrial sectors, mainly for pre-removal and separation of materials with a high concentration of dust recycling.


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